Aqua EcoSystems draws on years of experience of operation within the construction industry and completion of numerous
aquaculture projects across the world. AES has the ability to coordinate work in any location.

Typical projects completed have included commercial hatchery and nursery systems, on-growing units, purging systems,
fish transportation units, university research and development systems and aquaponic systems.

The Aqua EcoSystems' owner, has completed projects across Europe, Asia and the Far East and stands by his clients
testaments when gauging the quality and professionalism of the work delivered.

Aqua EcoSystems is currently executing a number of aquaculture projects and developing other enquiries

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World Map <p>Missouri, U.S.A.<br /><br />The world's first commercial aquaponics system capable of producing a wide range of vegetables, fruits and fish species.<br /><br />
<a href=''>Read more</a></p> <p>Belgium, E.U.<br /><br />To design a commercial system for a low exchange rate, high density, full cycle production unit for a tropical species. <br /><br />
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